Pay Per Click Management / Adwords

Pay Per Click is an extremely targeted, potentially rewarding and proven form of paid online advertising. You don’t pay unless a customer clicks on your ad. It is also the quickest way and most controlled way to secure positive results, the process can have an instant impact on your website.

Some of the main routes into pay per click on the web are Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN adCenter.

Sponsored links that appear at the top of Google results and along the right column are called Adwords and sites that appear there have signed up for this service. When you set up and Adwords account you submit a list of keyword telling Google that you want your ad to appear when these keywords are entered by the user. The system favours the advertiser for two reasons. Firstly you don’t pay unless a customer clicks on your ad – hence the popular name “pay per click advertising”. Secondly, your position in the Adword ranking isn’t only determined by your bid, but also by the quality of your site.

How much does a click cost ?

A click on your ad is valuable as it shows interest from the outset from the person clicking. A click can cost anything from a few cents to Euros. Depending on volume of traffic to your site and can range from 5 cents to 3 Euros per click.

What can we do for you?

We set up your Adwords campaign in the best way possible. This will take in initial burst of work to get things in place. Then over a few week period we can optimise your campaign based on response to your campaign.